Aquasansar Sweet Water Technologies:

      We manufacture and provide industrial RO plants. Diffusion of fluid through a semipermeable membrane from a solution with a low solute concentration to a solution with a higher solute concentration until there is an equal concentration of fluid on both sides of the membrane is known as the process of Osmosis.

      More to it, we manufacture RO plants of various capacities to suit your business or social needs. 1000 LPH, 2000 LPH, 3000 LPH and 5000 LPH are few to name.

      We have a well established supply chain all over India and we will be able to provide RO plants on order.

      We provide the following services to our clients:
  • Mineral Water Plant based on Reverse Osmosis Technology suitable for bottled water plant, beverage industries, village plants, swimming pools, pharmaceutical industries, textile industries, green houses, farm houses and poultry farms.
  • Drinking Water Filtration System with and without UV for home use.
  • Domestic RO mineral water for home, office, restaurant, laboratory, clinic, hospitals, etc.
  • Water Softening Plant for hard water for applications like industries, laundry, boiler, soft drink plant, ice factory, etc.
  • Annual Maintenance contract for systems supplied by us.
  • Supply of spares and components for water treatment industry.
We also sell domestic RO water purifiers manufactured by us. More to it, we have dedicated customer support so that customers can reach to us anytime. Please reach to us on the following phone numbers or go to customer support section to send us email.

  • +91 9440013444 - Andhra Pradesh
  • +91 9848151551 - Karnataka
  • +91 9000991344

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Aquasansar Sweet Water Technologies

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Phone : +91 - 9440013444
Phone : +91 - 9000991344
Phone : +91 - 9848151551